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Horve’s holistic approach to instruction focuses on full swing technique, short game scoring, golf fitness, mental preparation, equipment evaluation and tournament preparation. A BodiTrak Pressure Mat and MySwing Professional 3D Ambassador, Horve utilizes many of today’s leading technologies, including V1 and JC Video Swing Analysis Software, Blast Motion’s Putting Sensor and FlightScope’s Launch Monitor System.


My Swing

Create a full 3D avatar in just minutes with wireless, lightweight MySwing – the most advanced, portable 3D system in golf. ​

See the things you can’t see with cameras or your eyes and turn your lessons into an incredible experience.

Nothing compares with MySwing.


BodiTrak Sports

The Wireless BodiTrak pressure mat captures a golfer’s balance pattern, irrespective of location or lie. You can use the pressure mat pretty much for any golf situation, whether you are indoors or outdoors, uphill or downhill, on the putting green or in a sand trap.



Analyze and diagnose with fact-based confidence. Band together the forces of feel with real. Nurture and develop all levels of talent.

The introduction of TrackMan 4 is the culmination of a three-year journey which began as an initiative to design and engineer the most powerful and accurate golf Launch Monitor ever built. The outcome is Dual Radar Technology – a radical transformation in the way radar technology is applied in golf today. Using two radar systems instead of one to obtain maximum data quality and increased pick up rates. Data delivered in its purest form.


Blast Motion

Capture, analyze and get instant feedback with every club in your bag. Learn to swing every club in your bag with your most consistent rhythm and tempo. Industry Leading Accuracy. Learn How Blast Enables. Training Never Ends. Trusted By The Pros.